Stone Center of Indiana is a full-service provider of stone products serving architects, builders, and homeowners throughout Indiana.

Since 1969, the Stone Center of Indiana has been providing the finest architectural and landscape stone products to builders, architects, contractors, and homeowners for all types of residential, commercial, and landscape projects. Exceptional quality of product, unrivaled selection, and responsive, friendly customer service are top priorities at Stone Center. With Indiana’s largest selection of natural and engineered stone from the leading manufacturers, Stone Center takes great pride in keeping the most popular stone products and brand names in stock. You’ll find expert advice and the right stone for nearly every type of project imaginable. The improved facility at Stone Center features a large showroom and sales center, expanded product displays, a breathtaking two-story high by 100-yard long “great wall” of architectural stone samples, an added scale, easy access to product inventories, and separate contractor services for fast, efficient service. Stone Center increases its focus on service by offering its customers innovative installation referral programs like StonePro®. With the largest selection and expert advice, nobody knows stone better than Stone Center. Learn more at

In the second quarter of 2014, Stone Center of Indiana was sold by Johnson Ventures.