Black Jewell Popcorn produces the World’s Finest Heritage Popcorns. Our one of a kind Original Black heritage kernels are hulless and retain the rich popcorn taste of heirloom popcorn. A pop above the rest!

Black Jewell was founded over 50 years ago, saving a unique, small black kernel popcorn from extinction. Through the years this ancient heirloom seed has been nurtured to satisfy the most discriminating popcorn lovers. Now Black Jewell also produces additional unique heritage popcorns like Crimson, Native Mix, and Blue Ribbon White.

Black Jewell popcorns are grown on rich irrigated soils in the heart of the Midwest. Our growers are dedicated family farmers who still farm the areas where their families originally homesteaded five and six generations ago. Naturally, our popcorns are non-GMO. All pop into tasty pure white kernels with light hulls. Our Original Black contains more protective antioxidants than any other popcorn. Black Jewell Popcorns are the perfect snacking alternative. A pop above the rest!

Try it and discover what dedicated popcorn lovers have known for over 50 years. Black Jewell heritage popcorns are naturally better! Learn more at