Black Jewell Popcorn grows the best tasting natural grain popcorns. Our original Black kernels pop pure white with virtually no hull, and contain more protective antioxidants than any white or yellow popcorn.

Black Jewell was founded over 50 years ago to grow and sell great tasting black kernel popcorn. Through the years this ancient heirloom seed was saved and it is now the signature product in a lineup of great tasting natural grain popcorns. All Black Jewell popcorns are grown on rich irrigated soils in the heart of the corn belt. All of our popcorns are non-GMO verified and carry the Non-GMO seal. Kernels are available in Original Black, Crimson Jewell, Native Mix, Pearly White and Mayan Gold. Microwave products include Natural, Butter, No Salt No Oil, and Kettle flavors. All pop up pure white with light hulls and are gluten free, cholesterol free, and have no trans fats. Black Jewell Popcorns are the perfect healthy snacking alternative. Our mission is to grow and sell the best tasting popcorn in America!

Try it and discover what popcorn lovers have known for over 50 years. Black Jewell Popcorn is naturally better. Learn more at